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Nicaragua - Presentation

Known as the country of lakes and volcanos, Nicaragua is located in Central America, wedged by Honduras to the north and Costa Rica to the south.

Nicaragua has a tropical climate with two distinct rainfall seasons: a ‘wet’ season’ (May-October) and a ‘dry’ season (November-April). 

Nicaragua is one of the poorest nations in the continental Americas. With a population of 6.5 million, the country’s chronic cycle of poverty is linked to consistent political instability and conflict, high inequality between urban and rural populations, dependency on agricultural exports and natural disasters.

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Nicaragua - Safety

As intimidating as Nicaragua sounds, it’s still one of the safest countries in Central America.

But not all places in Nicaragua are safe. You need to be particularly cautious and aware of:
– Public transport stations & markets: Pickpocketing is common at bus stations, on crowded buses, and in the markets.
– Managua: Crime can occurs in the capital Managua, old cathedral is a well-known crime pit, on Avenida Bolivar
– Taxis: Use only official taxis with a red number plate, or radio-dispatched taxis. Avoid unknown people to call taxi for you.
– Avoid walking/travelling alone at night:
We definitely wouldn’t recommend walking around alone or taking public transports at night.


A good way to check travel and health restrictions in any country: 

Nicaraguan Institute of Tourism: 

Mandatory requirement to enter Nicaragua:

If you are vaccinated, you can enter without PCR test.

If not, you MUST have a negative PCR taken 72 hours before arrival. You will be denied entry if the test is older than 72 hours.
If you fly directly to Nicaragua, you have to send one Email by passenger to the flying company: 

COPA AIRLINESOnce you have the result of the COVID-19 test, you must send it in PDF
format no later than the day before the flight to Managua at 3:00 pm
(Panama time), to

AVIANCA: Gotta find the info

In addition to the test =>You must fill a health / personal information form online 1 WEEK prior departure which you can find here:

The health department of Nicaragua will then send you an email which is a confirmation that you have been approved to enter the country.  You must show this email when going through immigration. 

Please note that everything is better printed.

*Note that sometimes immigration refuse the entrance to Nicaragua without prior notice… few cases but good to be aware.


PART UNDER CONSTRUCTION / Trying to find appropriate information

Before leaving Nicaragua please make sure to check the requirements for your country of destination : If you need to make a PCR test, you can do so in Managua at the cost of 150$

As of January 2022, American citizens returning to the US, can alternatively get a 35$ self test with a face to face video call for validation: 

Find Cheap FLIGHTS

In my personal experience, I like the google flights search engine, it’s quick efficient and filters are really good !
While having a job, I looked first at flights prices before asking my time OFF. 

STEP 1 - Select departure & Arrival CITY

Destination and filters

Feel free to apply the filters, i usually don’t want flight length more than 20 hours… 

Also sometimes you don’t want to pass by a specific country to avoid their travel / VISA / Health restrictions so you can remove all cities from this country.

STEP 2 - Select departure date (look for lower price)


STEP 3 - Select return date (price can get lower then step 2)

2ndCalendar Final Price

Once you got the company operating the flight, you can go and check directly on their website to see if they offer better prices and/or have luggage options (extra luggage…)

For our Family of 4, we booked our 2 ways flights (Geneva-Managua) in June 2021 to fly away on December 3rd, return on June 2022.
We left from Geneva as it was 400€ cheaper. We paid 1950€ for the 4 people, so 500€/person with 2 checked-in luggage Go/Return.

About us

We are a family of 4: Svetlana (Russian), Jerome (French), Nikita and Enzo. 

We met in 2016 in Nicaragua while volunteering in an Eco-building project:

Jerome: Grew up in Paris suburb, IT professional providing support for international trading companies (ECTP, Bedrock…), Adrenaline sport lover & football.

Svetlana: Originally Lawyer in Moscow, started a publishing project oriented around autism in 2020.

Nikita: Grew up in Russia until 11 years old,  travel around central America for a year and then spent 4 years in France. He likes to read and loves exact sciences.

Enzo: Was conceived in Nicaragua, Born in Russia and grew up in France, Nicaragua is all new for him.

We speak French, Russian, English and Spanish.


El Tránsito - Nicaragua

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