In September 2022, I made a new plan for the next volunteering season (Dec 2022 – May 2023) :

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Coordinates: 12.056650823917359, -86.70315988525009

We are a family of 4 (Im French 37yo, my wife Svetlana Russian 36yo, our kids Nikita 15yo and Enzo 4yo).

We speak French, Russian, English and Spanish.

We will arrive in Nicaragua in December 2021.

The land

The land is 3500m2 on a small slope.

What’s done

We built a “Pila” for water retention 3m x 2m x 1m (6000 L capacity) and connected it to the city water. We got water for 2 hours 1 day on top of 2 and it fill up 4000 Liters. Locals are drinking it but this isn’t healthy water.

We have planted about 50-70 fruit trees over the last 4 years, we probably have about 30 still in life. My local friend is taking care of the land, watering the plants in summer, cutting fast growing plants in raining season, repairing the fence…


– Build tower with a water tank of minimum 5000 L to get water pressure (Toilets/Shower/Kitchen), it would handle 20-25 ppl (100L/Pers/day).

– We are planning to purchase a used pickup car to carry construction material (Izusu / Toyota Hilux/ Mitsubishi L200)

In order to welcome volunteers, we plan to build:

– The 1st Palapa with specialists from lapaz centro (2 floors wood building) 7m x 5m.

– Water tank on a high tower to get water pressure

– Build a secure room 3m x 4m (probably with Piedra cantera, bloque, Zinc roof) to store building/gardening equipments.

– 2x Conventional toilets

– Probably a small rancho (just posts and palm tree roof) to get a place to cook.


Electricity: We can connect to the city cables are running along the North/Est side of the land.

There is Clay about 800m from the land, we can get straw from farmers.

There is many rocks on the land.

Wood and palma leaves are mainly available in La Paz Centro (50 min drive).

We’ll probably pay a specialist to make the palma leaves roof.

Bamboo isn’t available close to El Transito, it grows mostly on the EST side of Nicaragua.


During raining season, there is 2 places where rain water comes from up the hill.

Climate 30lastyears

- Video to present the land -

Play Video

When raining, this is the direction and power of water flow:
In light blue = Not powerful
In fluo blue= Medium flow
In dark Blue = Strong flow

GOOGLE Earth Landpng withWaterdirection DarkerStronger
Elevation General

Video to present the issues with water when raining

Draining plan with volunteers probably

drainage Cost

Septic System

Terreno SoilTEST


Plan Land Nov2021



Structure: Pole Frame Building


Plaster 1st Layer:

Earthen Scratch : 1 part clay to 1 or 1.5 parts fine sand and 0.5–1 parts fiber.

Lime Scratch : 1 part lime to 1.5 – 2 parts fine sand & 1/2 part fibre

Plaster 2nd Layer: 

Brown Earthen Coat : 1 part clay to 2 to 2.5 parts fine sand and 0.5 parts fiber.

Lime Coat:  1 part lime powder or putty to 2–2.5 parts fine sand and 0.5 parts fiber.

Plaster 3rd Layer:

 1 part clay (bagged or site clay) to 2–2.5 parts fine sand. Pigment and fiber to taste.




I volunteered at back in 2016 and i help building these. Cob for the left pict and strawslip on the right.

The strawslip was built in 2016 and without maintenance, it became the picture below in 2019

Cob circle

The Palapa 5x7 m - with Palla leaves roof

Aserradores 078

December 2020: la cotización de un rancho típico con las especificaciones técnicas, estructura de madera rolliza de eucaliptus curada y barnizada, techo de palma sabal primer puso de ladrillo de barro mejorado tipo hexagonal, segundo puso tambo de madera a cerrada en tablad de genizaro, de 1 1/4 , escalera de acceso al segundo piso de madera rolliza y madera a cerrada, barandal de seguridad del segundo piso es de madera rolliza de eucaliptus curada y barnizada el valor del mts2 por 35mts2 le sale en un monto de 112. ciento doce dolares valor total en los 35.mts2

U$ 3,920. dolares netos

este valor cubre valor de materiales transporte de materiales y personal de trabajo mano de obra. el contratante suministrara agua y energia electrica para el desarollo de la obra asi como un lugar so de quedarnos mientra la obra se yeve acabo

The Palapa 8x5m + terrace- with Palla leaves roof -


We also have a quote for a 12.3m x 6.7m with terrace, stairs and security wood fence  = 10’030 USD

2 Private Palapa of 3x3 m without stairs = 1080 $

DRY Toilets

1st Year to welcome volunteers

It’s a temporary solution, doesn’t have to get strong walls

v1 1

2nd Version to build with Volunteers

The goal is to get something we don’t need to touch for 1 month

dry toiletsv1

The one below is way bigger and too expensive for us: 18.4m x 6.8m covered + 10.5m x3.5m => cost around 18k$

Arquitectura 12
Arquitectura 7